2 comments on “Report on 31st March Action Against Workfare in Lincoln

  1. Good article, amused me. Sadly I couldn’t be there to support the action due to my sister’s engagement party. Action seemed to go down well, aside from the coppers sticking their snouts in. Love the placards too!

  2. Nice one, sounded like a good action, and those are some pretty wicked looking placards. We’ll have to make some up like that in Bristol for out next demo.
    Having definate lists of targets is certainly handy, the list we had was handed out amongst everyone on the demo (and to passers by) which we find works quite well practically and politically! Although the order they are to be targetted reamins a mystery (or can be largely made up as you go a long).

    It’s also fun to play the counter-intelligence game, for instance leave off a major target from the list you all know you’ll be going to, the cops then manage to get hold of the list, and are caught completely unawares when you dive into wilkinsons or wherever unannounced =)

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