About LUC

Lincoln Underground Collective.


Lincoln Underground Collective has been created in a time of so called ‘austerity’. When the difference between a politician and a fraudster is non-existent, when more and more wealth seems to be going into the hands of less and less people, and the welfare system fought for by our ancestors is being squeezed lifeless.


The aim of LUC is to work within the community, for people tired of ‘politics’ and wanting to organise in a different way. We aim to build a consciousness of anarchist ideas, principles and together as a collective, build our individual self-empowerment.


We are a group of anti-capitalist, largely class struggle anarchists from varying backgrounds. We oppose all coercive authority and work within the collective without hierarchy.


Currently are efforts are involved in discussion groups, and arranging a free school, believing the spread and awareness of anarchist ideas to be vital in creating a free, equal and peaceful world.


We welcome people to get involved with us, whether anarchist or not.


4 comments on “About LUC

  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but If you’re going to set up a “free” (no, it’s not free, its OUR money, actually) school, shouldn’t someone learn the difference between our and are?

    • Yes, that is quite pedantic, but we accept your apology. Perhaps you would like to look at the commentary on the one-day free school event we held at the end of July, which has been thoroughly proofread: LUC Skill Share

      You might like to clarify what you mean by “free” schools, it may be that you mean something quite different to us. When we talk about a ‘free school’ we mean a space for the free [i.e. without constraint & coercion, but with utmost respect for liberty & equality] & mutual exchange of ideas, in which money plays no part.

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